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As of 1 July 2023, Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) became the approved registration system authority for all Catholic systemic schools across New South Wales. Following an extensive consultation process and with the agreement of the Bishop Members of CSNSW and the proprietors of the 11 diocesan school systems, the NSW Minister for Education appointed CSNSW as the single Catholic registration system authority.

Proposed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), this move has the aim of reducing the overall regulatory compliance burden on Catholic school systems while upholding the autonomy of the diocesan school proprietors. It provides an opportunity for Catholic schools to present to the NESA and the NSW Government a more united school sector, giving expression to our common mission and identity. It is also an opportunity to pursue a model of co-responsibility underpinned by the Catholic principles of subsidiarity and solidarity in support of the common good.

An important element of this reform is the Inter-Diocesan Registration and Accreditation Committee (IDRAC). The IDRAC is now an official committee of the CSNSW Board undertaking the responsibilities of the single registration system authority delegated to it by the Board. The responsibilities of the IDRAC include monitoring compliance with school registration requirements and advising NESA on matters of compliance and school registration applications. The IDRAC is chaired by a CSNSW Board Member and its members are the nominees of the 11 diocesan school systems.

Information about registration and accreditation requirements for schools and registered school systems can be found on the NESA website

A list of registered non-government schools can be accessed at

The CSNSW Reporting Framework is available here.

The 2024 IDRAC Workplan can be accessed here.

Queries regarding School Registration and Accreditation should be directed to CSNSW.