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2021 VALID Registrations open (Ref: 107/21)

Science Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program 2021 registrations are now open.

The Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program provides online end-of-stage assessments for the science key learning area. These assessments can be used as a diagnostic tool to assist in improving student outcomes in science and as a tool for program evaluation. The test is linked to the science syllabuses, and assesses what students know and can do in science. It also provides useful information about student attitudes towards science.

Click here to find out more about the assessment packages offered for Year 6, Year 8 and Year 10.

2021 Non-government school VALID registration
A fee of $10 per student is applicable for non-government schools. All students who participate in a VALID assessment will receive an electronic individualised student report outlining the level of understanding they demonstrated during the assessment. Results and reports are available to schools via the Scout analytics program. Free professional learning (both online and face-to-face) is available to support the administration of the assessments and analysis and planning from the results. Please visit here to register your school for participation in 2021 VALID assessments.

VALID tests and marking key dates for 2021
VALID 6 and 10 test window:
Term 3, weeks 7 and 8
23 August to 3 September 2021

VALID 6 and 10 school marking window:
Term 3, week 9 to term 4 week 1
8 September to 6 October 2021

VALID 8 test window:
Term 4, weeks 3 and 4
18 October to 29 October 2021

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales Awards (Ref: 108/21)

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales Awards are open to recognise outstanding educators in 2021.

Early Career Educator Award
The Early Career Educator Award is for early career teachers who currently work in either a primary or secondary school. Nominations are now open for the 2021 Awards for Teachers in their Early Years of Teaching, conducted annually by the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales. There are two categories of Award, one for a secondary (7-12) teacher, and one for a primary (K-6) teacher. Only teachers in their second or third year of teaching are eligible for nomination.
Click here for the primary education nomination form 2021
Click here for the secondary education nomination form 2021
Click here for the Early Career Awards Application Guidelines
Nominations close by 5.00PM Friday 14 May 2021

Research Award
A “Guild Research Award” is offered to a Postgraduate Student and/or Experienced Teacher in NSW or ACT schools, who is currently completing or completed a research of direct benefit to classroom teaching within the last two years.

2021 Guild Research Award Presentation Evening
Date: Friday 27 September 2021
Venue: Concord Golf Club
Cost: This is a free event
Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Click here for the Research Award nomination form 2021
Click here to find out more about our Research Award
Nominations close by 5.00PM Friday 25 June 2021

Regional / Remote Teaching and Learning Excellence Award
The TGNSW Wales Regional / Remote Teaching and Learning Excellence Award is an opportunity to give educators, in all sectors, the ability to share the material they have developed as a teaching and learning resource, which has been delivered as part of an online learning program. It allows for reflections of the educator’s course materials and instructional strategies and provides educators the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the material, by assessing the achievement of the learning outcomes of students, as well as the level of rapport achieved by the educator.

These awards have been created to encourage excellence in the development of online resource materials which is accessed by students in regional / remote learning environments. The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales will award two winners of $500 each from Regional / Remote Teaching and Learning applications associated with education delivery in any School sector, including TAFE, VET and University.

Click here for nomination form 2021
Submit all nominations to by 5.00PM Friday 11 June 2021

World Teachers’ Day
Honouring teachers with the World Teachers’ Recognition Certificate who have made a wonderful contribution to their school in advancing the education profession.
Click here for nomination form 2021
Click here to view past award winners
Nominations close by 5.00PM Saturday 25 September 2021

Honorary Fellowship of the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales
Click here to see past recipients

Register here for New Membership

Click here if you are an existing TGNSW Member
Applicants need not be current members of the Guild.
For any enquiries please contact the Secretariat at

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships (Ref: 109/21)

The Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships – Research and Undergraduate 2022 applications are now open.

Please make this information available to students and colleagues who might be interested.

Complete, hard-copy applications must arrive at the Embassy of Japan by 5pm Wednesday 26 May 2021

Application forms and details (including the application timeline) are available on the Embassy of Japan website

Facebook post

There are “Instructions by the Embassy” documents for each scholarship on the above webpage. People interested in applying should read these instructions first, together with the “MEXT Undergraduate/Research Application Guidelines”.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the MEXT Scholarship Advisor at the Embassy of Japan in Canberra via 02 6273 3244


CSSA Trial HSC Examinations 2021 (Ref: 103/21)

Schools are reminded that:

CSSA Trial HSC Examinations is a division of Catholic Schools NSW.

Registered schools with CSSA should have received the 2021 Principal Information Package.

  • 2021 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations ordering online became available as of Week 4, Term 1.
  • The 2021 Draft CSSA Trial HSC Examination Timetable is now available on the CSSA website.
  • The 2021 Final CSSA Trial HSC Examination Timetable will be available on the CSSA website in Week 1, Term 2.
  • The processes and procedures for the creation and distribution of the CSSA Trial HSC Examinations will remain in place for 2021.
  • Please note the process for invoicing has been updated. This has been noted on the CSSA website Notice Board for all registered schools and in the 2021 Principal Information Package.
  • Ordering is available until Friday 30 April 2021, 5pm (Week 2, Term 2). If ordering, please kindly complete one order (only) inclusive of all required subjects.
  • School data can be changed by individual schools via the CSSA website |Account Settings.

Relevant personnel in CSSA registered schools should ensure that school data available on the CSSA website is checked and updated, as necessary. This will ensure that your School’s address, phone number, email address and contact details are correct – this information is critical for the delivery of CSSA Trial HSC Examinations. Remember to click on “SAVE” at the end of the process.

If you have not received the 2021 Principal Information Package, please contact for assistance.

The AEDC 2021 data collection – School Activation (Ref: 092/21)

The 2021 AEDC data collection starts in Term 2. Schools will receive their School Leader and Teacher packs in the mail to assist in their preparation and planning for the AEDC.

AEDC School Coordinators can activate their data collection portal from 19 March 2021 to enable teacher training and creation of class list by 30 April 2021.

If you are yet to receive your information pack, please contact AEDC Helpdesk on 1800 092 548 or

Professional Learning

A conversation about data and assessment literacy with Professor Jim Tognolini (Ref: 110/21)

A conversation about data and assessment literacy with Professor Jim Tognolini of the Centre for Educational Measurement & Assessment (CEMA) Sydney University and launch of the Catholic Schools New South Wales-CEMA Assessment and Data Literacy Co-contribution Sponsorship Initiative (The Initiative).

Professor Tognolini will lead the discussion sharing his insights and expertise. There will be opportunity for Principals and senior leaders to engage, respond and ask questions.

Professor Tognolini in has recently produced as series of NESA Accredited proficient teacher modules in assessment and data literacy. The conversation session will be used to launch the The Initiative that will offer access to either Module 1 Data Literacy or Module 1 Assessment Literacy , costs worn by Catholic Schools NSW with schools taking up the offer encouraged to self-fund the purchase of another module at a special price.

Details will be forthcoming in the very near future a link to the zoom conversation with Professor Jim Tognolini can be found below.

To access the event please follow the 2-step process outlined here.

STEP 1: Access the Catholic Schools New South Wales Professional Learning Dashboard click here 

STEP 2: Access the by clicking here 

If you have never accessed the platform before you will need to follow the 2 steps.

If you have accessed the platform before you can simply click on step 2.


Have you registered? Catholic Schools New South Wales Sector NCCD Moderation (Ref: 104/21)

Places are filling up fast for the Catholic Schools New South Wales Sector NCCD Moderation on Tuesday 4 May and registration needs to be finalised by COB Tuesday 27 April so our COVID-19 safety plan can be confirmed (as currently required by NSW Health for indoor events of over 100 participants.)

AUDIENCE: Participants from systemic and non-systemic Catholic schools and offices across NSW including staff in schools (teachers, school counsellors, middle leaders) and diocesan office staff working in the area of disability. There are no limits to the number of participants from any one school or system, so please share with colleagues in your school as appropriate.

DATE: Tuesday 4 May – 9 am – 3 pm

  • Whole day, face-to-face event
  • Agenda for the day will include:
  • Session 1: NESA Curriculum options for Students with Disability (presented by Marina Laing)
  • Session 2: Imputed Disability focus – Base Line Moderating Activities
  • Session 3: Imputed Disability Focus – Cross Moderating Activities

VENUE: Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn Street Sydney

             NOTE: There will be NO remote access available


Please follow this two-step process:

STEP 1: Activate your account / sign-in to the Catholic Schools New South Wales Professional Learning Dashboard
Any sign-on issues please contact

STEP 2: When you are signed into the Catholic Schools New South Wales PL platform, click this link

            OR type Inter-Diocesan Cross Moderation Day in the search bar – top right.

NOTE: Don’t forget to click SUBMIT, once you have completed the registration form.

Any issues registering please contact


Catholic Schools New South Wales HSC Analysis Online (Ref: 101/21)

Catholic Schools New South Wales HSC Analysis is now available online through Catholic Schools New South Wales Professional Learning. Follow this link and simply search ‘HSC Analysis’ or follow the 2-step process below to access the learning.

Step 1 register on the dashboard by clicking here

Step 2 click here to go to the learning

These 17 modules were previously available through NETiD and have recently been migrated to this platform. This learning can be used as NESA Elective PD, a video demonstration on how to do this is available in the course introduction. In the near future it is intended that this learning will have NESA Priority Area Accreditation.


Crooked Science Workshops for Primary and Secondary Teachers and HSC Students (Ref: 102/21)

Crooked Science and Dr Simon Crook are offering Catholic school teachers across NSW the opportunity to participate in a variety of collaborative workshops. Simon’s work with CrookED Science has provided him with the opportunity to collaborate with regional and remote schools, as well as metropolitan schools, particularly when leveraging online technologies. To this end, CrookED Science is offering the following program of PD to teachers in NSW Catholic schools at a reduced rate.


Science Experiments for Primary Teachers

NESA Interim accreditation

Developed to be delivered via Zoom

Register HERE

4-hour workshops for teachers of Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Science. These are hands on Workshops that help teachers to devise and deliver science and technology activities safely and age appropriately. Teachers will be conducting experiments and activities for Living World, Material World, Physical World, Earth & Space and Digital Technologies. In the process, teachers will also consider the many aspects of Working Scientifically, including risk assessment practices.

  • Science Experiments for Stage 1 Teachers – Tue 25 May
  • Science Experiments for Stage 2 Teachers – Wed 2 June
  • Science Experiments for Stage 3 Teachers – Thu 17 June
    • $190+GST per teacher per workshop

 Secondary HSC – For Teachers

Preparing for the 2021 HSC Science Workshops

NESA Elective PD

Register HERE

4-hour workshops for science teachers delivering HSC Biology, Chemistry and Physics run by subject experts with HSC marking experience and more. The workshops have been well received previously and have been redesigned to be delivered via zoom.

Teachers will be:

  • leveraging 2020 RAP Analyses to benefit teaching and learning
  • scrutinising the 2020 exam for emerging themes and commonplace mistakes
  • pilot marking brand new bespoke questions and sample answers
  • unpacking and attempting a brand new 9-mark question
  • understanding and developing marking criteria
  • developing strategies for cross-module questions

All teachers will receive a variety of resources.

  • Preparing for the 2021 HSC Biology Exam – Sat 29 May
  • Preparing for the 2021 HSC Chemistry Exam – TBC
  • Preparing for the 2021 HSC Physics Exam – Fri 28 May
    • $190+GST per teacher per workshop

Secondary HSC – For Students

2021 Science ‘HSC Student Revision’ Workshops

Teachers will need to register on behalf of students contact will be made to confirm student numbers. Register HERE

2-hour workshops run by subject experts with HSC marking experience. These workshops have been well received in the past and have been redeveloped to be delivered via Zoom. The workshops will cover the content and skills from Modules 6 & 7, paying particular attention to difficult material and common mistakes. All students will walk away with a range of resources and strategies.

  • Biology Revision (Modules 6 & 7) – Thu 17 Jun
  • Chemistry Revision (Modules 6 & 7) – TBC
  • Physics Revision (Modules 6 & 7) – Tue 22 Jun
    • at $30 (inc GST) per student per workshop
    • 3-5pm via Zoom

About Dr Simon Crook

Dr Simon Crook has been working in science education for 27 years. In 2015, after 12 years working for Sydney Catholic Schools, he founded CrookED Science and has since been collaborating with many Catholic schools and dioceses around K-6 Science & Technology, HSC Physics and the other HSC sciences. He has been involved in various consultations about the new science syllabuses and received his PhD in science education research at the University of Sydney in 2017. In his capacity as Honorary Associate, Simon assists the University of Sydney with their liaison with NESA and schools in NSW.


School Newsletter

New music education resources for teachers, parents and families (Ref: 112/21)

Legendary children’s entertainer Don Spencer is known and loved by families across Australia as long-time former host of ABC TV Show Play School.
The Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) is excited to announce the launch of a range of NEW educational resources that are engaging, entertaining – and support the delivery of much-needed music education to children across Australia!

Available from April 2021 – they feature a host of Don’s beloved original children’s songs: like “Feathers, Fur or Fins”, “Bush Tucker”, “Crocodile”, and more.

The resource kits include backing tracks to each song, lyrics and suggested actions, sheet music, and lesson plans that will encourage active listening, and meaningful music education.

A full range of Music Educational Resources are available to purchase from the ACMF website

Media Release – ACMF Educational Resources

Australian Secondary Schools - Promoting Mental Health (Ref: 111/21)

HeadSpace has teamed up with Australia’s largest mental health and fitness initiative for The Push-Up Challenge.

The Push-Up Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to increase mental health literacy in young people, family and friends, as well as encouraging connection and promoting fitness.
It begins on Tuesday 1 June – Friday 25 June.

Registrations are now open.

2021 WriteOn Competition (Ref: 105/21)

WriteOn is an annual writing competition open to all NSW primary students in Years 1 to 6, including home-schooled students. Students compose an imaginative text of up to 500 words using an image as the stimulus.

WriteOn provides students with the opportunity to become published authors. It can be used as a whole class teaching activity or an individual project. To maximise the purpose of the competition, teachers are encouraged to refer to the NSW English K–6 Syllabus outcomes. Outstanding entries from the 2020 competition have been published in The Best of WriteOn 2020 anthology.

Entries close on the last day of Term 2, 2021 – Friday 25 June.

Click here for the link to the competition