News | September 19, 2023 (Originally Published September 18, 2019)

Health Care and Planning

All students are entitled to participate in education regardless of their health support needs. While a student’s health support rests primarily with the parent, school staff are responsible for keeping students safe while they are at school or involved in school activities.

Schools are expected to consult with parents about their child’s health.

When students need help with health issues at school, parents may need to consult with their medical practitioner about the implications of the child’s health condition for their schooling and any actions that need to occur during the school day. Parents need to convey relevant information from the medical practitioner to the principal in writing.

Schools undertake collaborative individual health care planning to determine the best way to meet individual health support needs. This may require the principal to seek additional support from the department to make appropriate arrangements for the student’s participation at school.

Health care and first aid

The NSW Department of Education website contains a wealth of information about student health.  The information can be browsed or searched. This site also contains useful guidance for administrators who need to understand legal requirements related to student health to create and implement policies and procedures.


Please download this reference summary for a comprehensive summary of key legislation impacting NSW Catholic Schools.

Additional policies can be found on this webpage: NSW DoE website.